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First and foremost, we grow and harvest produce without the use of fossil fuels. We seek value-added waste opportunities for our produce, primarily through food and beverage alternatives but otherwise back into the earth in a considered and circular approach. We seek to eliminate, or if not possible, reduce, fossil fuel use across all other aspects of our supply chain, including transit and packaging.

Open Gate Policy

We have an open gate policy at our orchards. Forest Lodge Orchard often has daily visitors locally and NZ wide that come and tour the orchard and see how day-to-day operations have been converted to electric technology and work successfully. 

All information around operations, fossil fuel free growing, and our learnings are available to all interested parties.


We are transparent about our processes. As mentioned we have an open gate policy, but we also blog frequently about both our orchard level process, as well as our journey as the fossil fuel free produce brand that is NZ0. We are open and upfront about the benefits, but also the downfalls and current limitations. But believe this is important to build involvement and ask the necessary hard questions needed to help deliver the change the world needs. 

Both blogs mentioned are available either through our site, or

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