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Supporting New Zealand growers and producers in the journey towards zero fossil fuel use.

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A brief introduction to New Zealand Zero

New Zealand Zero was born from a desire, and need, to eliminate fossil fuel used in the growing and harvesting of produce. As passionate 
co-founders, we were told it couldn’t happen, that it was too expensive, and that it was too much effort. Our response: not only 
is it not true, but it has to happen – for the future of our planet, our environment, and our people.
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Our Producers

Our producers are fundamental to our vision and philosophy. We support, mentor and develop alongside them to ensure what they produce aligns with our beliefs and expectations of climate conscious produce, grown and harvested with zero fossil fuels. 

We actively seek opportunities with our producers to continue to innovate and create positive change that further reduces, or eliminates our impact on the environment while being financially sustainable for the short and long term.
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We believe in the values the zero fossil fuel movement is built on and that change needs to happen for our planet’s future.

Join the zero fossil fuel movement.

If you are a grower or creator of food and wish to be fossil fuel free, drop us a line to see how we can help you on your journey.

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