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New Zealand Zero has had the pleasure to be supported by, and work with some great organisations during our young journey. While being a new start up, we're also conscious that we're trying to push the boundaries in and around the renewable energy space, as well as agricultural space.

As a result, we've had some great interest from people and organisations across all industries. Below is an archive where we have had the opportunity to discuss our journey, goals and processes with a range of organisations and media outlets.

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Magazine aerticle
15 December 2022
The Orchardist
World's first zero fossil fuel orchard.
News article
07 December 2022
Fully electric cherry farm the results of 'going geeky'
Magazine article
12 October 2022
NZ Chefs Magazine
New Zealand Zero Cherries
09 October 2022
Rural Exchange
Mike Casey: NZ Zero Co-founder interview.
news article
08 September 2022
Carbon News
Central Otago grower world's first to go fossil fuel free.
18 August 2022
Radio New Zealand
Electric Tractor & Sprayer with Orchard Manager Euan White
News Article
17 August 2022
Otago Daily Times
'NZ-made electric tractor a boon to orchard'
News Article
17 August 2022
'Cromwell cherry grower has 'world first' electric sprayer'
News Article
31 July 2022
'Can food be fossil fuel free?'
Magazine article
31 July 2022
Fruitfed Supplies
'Electric Cherries'
Radio Interview
04 June 2022
Today FM
'On the Land: The world's first 100% electric, zero fossil fuel orchard'
News article
28 May 2022
Otago Daily Times
'Turning cherry orchard electric pays off'
16 MAY 2022
Aurora Energy
‘Cherries that are as green as they are red’
magazine article
11 may 2022
Produce Plus
'New Zealand Zero tackles climate crisis'
Magazine Article
01 May 2022
AirNZ Kia Ora Magazine
'The cherry on top'
Magazine Feature
06 January 2022
Farro Fresh
'NZ0 Cherries - Food hero of the month.'
Media Campaign
18 December 2021
Gen Less Campaign
'Will we be on the right side of history?'
magazine article
10 December 2021
BNZ Debrief
'Behind the business: Mike Casey, Forest Lodge Orchard'
21 November 2021
Sustainable Business Awards
Forest Lodge announced as finalist in the 2021 Climate Action Leader Award.
12 November 2021
BNZ Sustainability Report 2021
Sustainability Report 2021 - Forest Lodge Feature.
Case Study
27 October 2021
SEANZ Case Study
'100% Electrification: Lower Operating Costs and Early Zero Carbon'
News article
12 AUGUST 2021
75 Finalists Announced For Sustainable Business Awards'
11 August 2021
'NZ's electricity crisis. Doing our bit and the need for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)'
magazine article
01 August 2021
AirNZ Kia Ora Magazine
'Go Electric'
15 July 2021
'SEANZ awards Forest Lodge Orchard Innovation'
news article
13 July 2021
NZ Herald
'Central Otago cherry orchard preparing for 'electric future'
05 July 2021
'SEANZ Fronius New Zealand Sustainable Energy Industry Awards 2021'
23 April 2021
Crux Media
'Southern Lens - Electric Orchard'
news article
25 November 2020
Crux Media
'Cromwell innovator launches electric frost fighting system'